At Budds’ BMW Hamilton we provide a timely, market-priced oil service. We use nothing but BMW’s original engineered oil filters and manufacturer specification synthetic engine oil.

Oil services include setting tire pressures, tire & alignment check, basic visual inspection of your vehicle, washer fluid top-up, vacuuming the floor areas and an exterior machine car wash.

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Want to learn more? Here are some frequently asked questions:

How often should I change the engine oil & filter in my BMW? For vehicles up to 4 model
years old we recommend performing an oil service at least every 15,000KM’s or once per
year. For vehicles that are 4 model years or more in age, we recommend performing an oil
service every 10,000KM’s or once per year to maintain the life of your engine.

What is “express service”? Express is a time-sensitive service, a perfect option if you would
like to wait in our newly renovated customer lounge while your vehicle maintenance is
completed. Our express department is strictly for basic maintenance visits that can be
concluded within 60 minutes and as such, we strive to have the full visit concluded within 90
minutes of your arrival at our facility.