Frequently Asked Service Questions:

How often should I change the engine oil & filter in my BMW?

Vehicles up to 4 model years’ old we recommend performing an oil service at least every 15,000KM’s or once per year. Vehicles that are 4 model years’ or more in age we recommend performing an oil service every 10,000KM’s or once per year to maintain the life of your engine.

How do I update the Bluetooth phone software in my vehicle?

First, you will need to acquire a blank USB drive (be sure it is virus free). Then visit, here you will type in the last 7-digits of your VIN (vehicle identification number) to pull up the latest downloadable Bluetooth phone software. Be sure to download the software update directly on-to the USB drive. Once you have the Software on the drive, plug it into your vehicle USB socket (location varies based on model, most common is in the center console), then in your i-drive go to settings —) software update —) update software. It will load up rather quickly, then your done.

Is my new phone compatible with my BMW?

There is a large number of mobile phone devices available today, before BMW selects a mobile device to compatible with there vehicles it must undergo extensive testing with all mobile phone preparations installed in BMW vehicles. Only after this testing is complete will the device land on the list of mobile phone devices. BMW works with all leading manufacturers so that the latest mobile phone devices can be included on the approved list as soon as possible. Check out the list by clicking the link below and following the appropriate steps.

How do I maintain the life of my battery during vehicle storage?

The best solution is to remove the battery from your vehicle and put it on a battery tender in your garage while seasonally storing your vehicle. At Budds’ BMW Hamilton we offer various different original equipment BMW battery tenders, give our parts department a call today for more details – (905) 667-5390 or email us at

My comfort access is not working, what do I do?

Vehicles equipped with comfort access (sensor on the door handle that unlocks the vehicle on touch) have a key fob with a battery inside it. This battery is similar to a watch or tv remote battery, every so often it does need to be replaced. The most commonly used battery is a CR2032, however some fobs use a different battery. If you change this battery and are still experiencing issues we suggest you give our service coordinators a call to schedule a service appointment, be sure to bring both key fobs if you have two.

Does Budds’ BMW have a suggested maintenance schedule for my BMW?

Yes, our master technicians have put together a sample maintenance schedule for you. Some exceptions may apply, inquire with your service advisor for more details.