As you may have guessed, we don’t take the meaning of the word “service” lightly in the Budds’ BMW Service Department.

Professional care for your BMW. Quality, Efficiency and Innovation – the three pillars of Budds’ BMW Hamilton’s Service Department. These are three things our clients know they can rely on. We are committed to delivering to you world-class service that provides the best care for your BMW and enhances your driving pleasure.

We have built our strong reputation by providing quality service combined with a customer-focussed approach each and every time. We understand that BMW owners take special pride in their vehicles, and we take equal pride in our service department’s high caliber of work.

When your BMW is ready for service, Budds’ BMW Hamilton is ready for you. Every last detail of our ultra-modern service department was designed with you in mind – it’s all here for your convenience. Enjoy the many accoutrements that make your Budds’ Experience more enjoyable – from our comfortable Bistro, to our business workstations and executive lounge. Let Budds’ BMW Hamilton be the choice for all your service needs.