Proper care for your BMW will ensure peak performance and appearance. Inside this section you will find information on keeping your interior and exterior in pristine condition, as well as extensive mechanical information.

Featured are such innovations as the Service Interval Indicator and BMW High Performance Synthetic Engine Oil. The synthetic formula allows for exceptional lubrication and a longer lifespan, while the Service Interval Indicator shows when your BMW needs Full Maintenance.

Additionally, you will find information on a wide variety of BMW care and service products.



Regular interior upkeep will preserve the showroom charisma of your BMW. Here you will find information on recommended cleaning procedures and BMW’s extensive range of specially formulated Vehicle Care products.


BMW uses some of the highest quality fabrics in its interiors. To minimize the effects of everyday use and preserve the immaculate appearance of your upholstery, frequent cleaning with a dust cloth or vacuum cleaner is encouraged. Occasional cleansing with lukewarm water and interior cleaners can also be performed. Brushing afterwards will restore the texture and appearance of your upholstery.

Safety Belts

Should the safety belts become dirty, you can clean them easily with a mild soap and water solution without removing them from your vehicle. After washing, allow them to dry fully before returning them to their normal retracted position, as this will protect the inertia wheel from moisture.


The natural leather in your BMW is among the highest grades, and is specially processed to uphold its character for years to come. Periodic use of BMW Leather Care will heighten its durability and appearance further. When combined with vacuuming and dusting, the BMW leather cleaner will help reduce the effects of normal use. For more thorough treatment, we suggest cleaning the leather with BMW Leather Care twice a year to remove dirt and grease that accumulate with everyday driving.


The clear instrument panel cover and interior plastic surfaces may be cleaned using water and plastic shampoo as necessary. Wooden fascia panels and components should be cleaned only with a damp cloth. Afterwards, dry thoroughly with a soft towel.


The rubber components in your BMW should be cleaned with BMW Rubber/Vinyl Cleaner to help guard them against drying out. Afterwards, BMW Rubber Treatment or a silicone spray may be applied for added luster and protection.


You may use window cleaner to remove any film or haze on the interior glass and mirror surfaces; make sure to wipe off immediately. Refrain from using aggressive cleaners or compounds, as they may cause scratching.


To diminish the effects of everyday use, you may clean the carpet and floor mats* in your BMW with an interior upholstery cleaner or a mild soap and water solution. Additionally, the floormats may be removed for more thorough washing. After drying completely, light brushing will restore their texture and appearance.
* Floormats come either standard or as accessories, depending on vehicle model.



Regular exterior maintenance will sustain the showroom luster of your BMW. Here you will find information on recommended cleaning procedures and BMW’s extensive range of specially formulated Vehicle Care products.


The finish on your BMW represents the latest in anti-corrosion technologies: cataphoretic immersion priming, multilayer paint work, underbody PVC, and wax coating. These features, when combined with regular washing and maintenance, will uphold the strength, safety, and value of your vehicle.


You may wash your BMW either by hand or in an automatic car wash. Note that if you choose the automatic car wash, be sure to make safety provisions for any body add-ons you might have, such as spoilers or aerial antennas. You may wish to consult the automatic car wash operator for further concerns. Should spots or blemishes remain after washing, use rubbing alcohol or cleaning fluid to remove them. For stubborn spots, you may use a more aggressive cleaner like tar remover. Lamps and lenses should always be treated with a gentle glass cleaner. When washing by hand, use a mild soap and water solution and a nonabrasive brush or BMW Sheepskin Wash/Polish Mitt. After rinsing thoroughly, dry with a lint-free towel or chamois.

Periodic washing will promote the strength and vibrancy of your BMW finish. In some circumstances, more frequent cleansing may be needed. In areas where atmospheric salt or pollution levels are higher, we encourage washing your vehicle weekly. In the winter months, increased washing may be needed to keep your BMW free of road salt and dirt.


Periodic treatment of your light-alloy wheels with BMW Wheel Cleaner protects them from dirt and brake dust and restores their natural shine.


Exterior trim surfaces may be cleaned with mild soap and water and thoroughly rinsed to prevent spots. Additionally, treat rubber components and tires with a silicone spray or rubber treatment for added protection.


To uphold the mirror finish of your BMW’s chrome, you may wash it with glass or window cleaner. For further buffing, use only a nonabrasive polish.



Every new BMW is as easy to care for as it is fun to drive. The state-of-the-art maintenance system enables more accurate and efficient servicing of your BMW. Inside the Mechanical section you will find information about the innovative Service Interval Indicator and BMW High Performance Synthetic Engine Oil — agents which, in some models, reduce service visits while increasing performance. Additionally, should you wish to perform any inspection yourself, the Checkpoint Locator allows easy navigation and descriptions of your BMW’s components.

Synthetic Engine Oil

It’s nice not to have to think about having the right engine oil for the weather or driving conditions. That’s why we offer BMW High Performance Synthetic Engine Oil. It delivers superb lubrication in all BMWs under all conditions and weather extremes, from -40°F to +120°F. Specifically, BMW High Performance Synthetic Engine Oil is a premium, 100% synthetic formula oil providing the following advantages over other oils:

  • Greater high-temperature protection
  • Easier cold weather starts
  • Enhanced wear and deposit protection
  • Ideal for luxury vehicles and high performance vehicles
  • Meets all requirements of ACEA A3/B3
  • 5W-30 viscosity range

A required oil for all model year 1999 and later BMW vehicles

All new BMW engines come from the factory filled with BMW High Performance Synthetic Engine Oil. The reason is that those engines are designed to provide longer oil service intervals while still delivering optimum performance, fuel efficiency, and durability. BMW High Performance Synthetic Engine Oil is formulated to meet those requirements.

BMW High Performance Synthetic Engine Oil is available through BMW centers nationwide. Should you need to add oil and BMW High Performance Synthetic Engine Oil is unavailable, you may top off with small amounts of synthetic oil meeting the requirements of API Service SH or higher, such as Castrol Syntec, Mobil 1 or Valvoline SynPower 5W-30.

Service Interval Indicator

The Service Interval Indicator continually evaluates your BMW’s actual performance condition and accurately determines when your car requires service. In most instances this will mean fewer service visits, since maintenance is needed only when your BMW calls for it. Advanced technology calculates the optimum service interval. When service is due, an oil service or inspection message will appear along with the remaining miles.

Should your vehicle surpass the recommended service interval, a negative sign (“–”) will appear adjacent to the remaining distance. In the event your BMW travels considerably less than 6,200 miles (10,000 km) annually, the oil should still be changed once a year, as it will age despite infrequent usage.