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Drivers who mind fuel consumption may be more inclined to get the smaller 4-cylinder and hybrid builds, yet BMW also provides power-oriented buyers with a revving 8-cylinder engine in the All-Wheel-Drive M550i. Yet, this increases the price tag, so a compromise could be found in the hybrid 540i.

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Sedan Models


Common to all models is the Integral Active Steering System that coordinates the turning of the four wheels to maximize dexterity. Let’s examine the details that differentiate the models.

The 530i and 530e Models


The price of the 530 model hovers around the $70,000 mark and bumps up a couple of thousand dollars with each upgraded combination. The difference between the 530i and the 530e is that the latter is a plug-in hybrid. Both are available in either rear-wheel drive with xDrive or all-wheel drive without xDrive.

You’ll find a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine at the heart of this class trim, capable of producing 248 hp in the 530i and 288 hp in the 530e variations. The mild-hybrid technology also absorbs kinetic energy during braking, improving the efficiency of the vehicle. Fuel consumption slightly changes from 8.40 L/100 kilometres in the 530i to 9.4 L/100 kilometres for the 530e.

The 530 trim class has various accident prevention features, including Lane-Departure Warning, a pre-collision safety system and emergency-braking assist. Cruise control, keyless ignition and automatically adaptive LED headlights create a hassle-free driving experience.



You can buy a BMW sedan in the 540i trim class for about $75,000 to a bit less than $80,000. Again, the main difference is the result of choosing to stick to the basic rear-wheel drive or upgrading your vehicle to an xDrive build. In any case, the 540i is a hybrid plug-in vehicle with a 3.0 L, 6-cylinder engine.

We see improved performance, especially in the AWD option with 335 horsepower, in the 540i model. The maximum fuel capacity is 68 litres and a maximum highway range of 840 kilometres.

A few nice inclusions in this build are the dual-zone climate control, satellite radio and the infotainment system, which is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones.

M550i xDrive


The M550i is available only with xDrive for just under $100,000. Under the hood of this sedan, you’ll hear the healthy revving of the hybrid 4.4 L, 8-cylinder engine. This vehicle delivers an impressive 523 hp, reaching the best performance specs of the line.

The rear-view camera and improved collision-prevention assistance will help keep you safe on the road and when parking. There is also a post-collision safety system, just in case.

On top of all the infotainment features included in the other builds, there is an adjustable ambient light LED system to help you set the desired mood.



All of the sedan models in the 2022 BMW 5 Series do a great job of balancing elegance and day-to-day practicality, along with affordability, making it the ideal car for a professional homeowner. Do not hesitate to contact a dealer if this seems like the car for you.