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BMW Canada was formed in January 1986 to support BMW customer’s better, bringing services closer to many local enthusiasts through a stronger presence and structured organization. Budds’ BMW Hamilton works directly in line with our company standards and we pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality service and care. If you are thinking about purchasing a vehicle from Budds’ BMW Hamilton, then you should continue reading this page to find more information about our dealership and BMW Canada Inc.

Budds’ BMW Hamilton:

Our team at Budds’ BMW Hamilton is made up of people who take our company motto to heart. “To treat others as you want to be treated” is a motto that we live by at Budds’ BMW Hamilton and our team of expert and experienced representatives hold that in the highest regard. When you come into Budds’ BMW Hamilton to look at a premium quality BMW vehicle, you are treated with the utmost respect and care, and that goes for every stage of your experience as the customer. At the end of the day, if the customer is satisfied and happy, then we have done our jobs well at Budds’ BMW Hamilton!  Other companies and brands can try and replicate our facility, mimic our process and offer the same products, but noone can match the quality and dedication of our people. Budds’ BMW Hamilton is in direct correlation with our corporate standards and that is evident by our high quality premium vehicles and our dedication to customer experience and satisfaction. 

BMW Canada Inc.

In 1992, BMW divided Canada organizationally into three regions corresponding to the main concentrations of population to support the retailer organization better in providing high levels of sales and aftersales performance. In addition to the Whitby-based headquarters, BMW introduced regional offices in Montreal, Que., and Vancouver, B.C., with Ontario being served from Whitby.

To support its overall efforts of continued service improvement and anticipating the changing need of customers, BMW Canada established BMW Financial Services, offering first leasing products in 1994, followed by retail financing in 1995. Expansion of parts distribution business resulted in new facilities opening in Richmond, BC, and Whitby, Ontario.

In 2008, BMW Group Canada sales amounted to 28,149 resulting in the 17th consecutive year of increasing sales, unmatched in the Canadian automotive industry. Sales of BMW Motorrad products peaked at 1,627 in 2007. The consistent growth has paved the way for plans to relocate the headquarters of BMW Group Canada from Whitby to Richmond Hill, Ontario in 2009.

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