Online Car Hamilton

Searching online for a car in Hamilton? Put your computer away and come visit us at Budds’ BMW Hamilton. We know how to treat you right. At Budds’ BMW Hamilton our number one goal is to have a satisfied customer every time. We believe we can achieve that through both the quality of our vehicles and the exceptional people we have on our team. Our vision has always been to provide you with a world-class customer experience.

100 Years of BMW

As we celebrate 100 years of BMW, we look back at all the innovations we have brought to the driving experience and look forward to the technologies currently in development that will transform you into the “Ultimate Driver” in the future. The Companion is our intelligent autopilot that will bring you safely to your destination while providing you with updates about the route and road conditions. With fully autonomous driving you can sit back in Ease Mode and enjoy the ride.

Reflective glass is a unique innovation that will both increase privacy and decrease the interior heating of the vehicle by 30%. Dynamic wheel arches will help lower energy consumption by remaining fully closed and flush to the car during straight-line driving but will move in and out whenever the car turns, in synch with the wheels. The next 100 years are sure to be an exciting time.

Partners in Performance

BMW Canada is proud of the brilliant performance of our Canadian Olympic athletes. As National Partner and Official Vehicle of the Canadian Olympic Team through 2016, we will continue to provide athlete support and fundraising opportunities for our Olympic Team. The tremendous accomplishments of our Canadian athletes have inspired us to keep performing at our top levels as they always do.

Visit us at Budds’ BMW Hamilton to experience our continued commitment to providing exceptional vehicles and outstanding customer service.