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Staff Directory

Photo of  Darryl Budd
Darryl Budd Dealer Principal
Phone: 905-845-3577
Photo of  Matthew Kilkenny
Matthew Kilkenny General Manager

No Photo Available

Jason Blain Sales Manager
Phone: (905) 667-5365
Photo of  Donn Walmesley
Donn Walmesley BMW Canada Sales Master
Phone: (905) 667-5363
Photo of  Gregg Crealock
Gregg Crealock BMW Canada Sales Master
Phone: (905) 667-5362
Photo of  Mike Tesluk
Mike Tesluk Sales Specialist
Phone: (905) 667-5368
Photo of  Michael Sabatino
Michael Sabatino Sales Specialist
Photo of  Steven St. Angelo
Steven St. Angelo Sales Specialist
Phone: 905 387-7507
Photo of  Wietske Gilbertson
Wietske Gilbertson New and Pre-Owned Administrator
Phone: 906 387-7507
Photo of  Jeff Storey
Jeff Storey Operations Manager – Service, Parts and Body Departments
Phone: (905) 667-5465
Photo of  Decio Tendeiro
Decio Tendeiro Service Advisor
Phone: (905) 667-5370
Photo of  Mike Gosselin
Mike Gosselin Service Advisor
Phone: (905) 667-5371
Photo of  John Darby
John Darby Professional Services
Phone: 905 387-7507
Photo of  Glen Patton
Glen Patton Parts Team Leader
Phone: (905) 387-7507 Ext. 5466
Photo of  Mike Dylag
Mike Dylag Parts Consultant
Phone: 905-387-7507 Ext. 5467
Photo of  Brian Gillespie
Brian Gillespie BMW Service Technician
Photo of  Bryan Soares
Bryan Soares BMW Service Apprentice Technician
Photo of  Corey Faber
Corey Faber BMW Service Technician
Photo of  Jason Martins
Jason Martins BMW Service Technician
Photo of  Kyle Bruno
Kyle Bruno BMW Service Technician
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